High fire resistance

With the simple manufacturing process and without special coating, our walls can withstand up to 2 hours of direct exposure to fire without undergoing any damage, thus protecting the owner’s investment and reducing the annual insurance premium.

Reduction of construction time

Since we can prefabricate all of the elements simultaneously with the excavation, soil movement, and foundation work, the construction schedule can be reduced up to 40% compared to other systems.

Lower cost

Through mass production, all of these qualities result in very competitive costs that are even lower costs than those obtained with similar systems.

Using prestressed walls (tilt-up) in your project for facades, offers great versatility, since the structure and the finish are contained in the same element. The Tilt-up walls are extruded concrete elements of f’c = 250 Kg/cm², manufactured in our plant or at site; the prestressed is induced through strand cables which are placed vertically.