Creation and implementation of Project leading and management strategies, based on objectives, looking for the most efficient and cost-effective formulas.



Calculation, preparation and graphic representation of execution times: Setting up the start date until completion of the activities which comprise the construction processes, forewarning and listing the necessary resources for each phase (supplies, equipment, manpower and projects).


Quality Control

Supervising that materials and execution meet the construction requirements regarding resistance and appearance.



We establish the policies and procedures to guarantee the safety of the construction personnel and subcontractors.

Budgeting and Purchasing

Quotation of different projects in order to assess the best option based on cost and execution time.

Also, an analysis of unit prices and construction estimates is performed during the construction process considering the inflationary indexes.

Control and Work Reports

We submit the menas to determine concordance between real and planned costs, scheduling and achievment of the established goals. We link time and costs in order to execute work based on its established Schedule.

Work Management

We can implement high level management plans through Project management in order to achieve succesful results.

Subcontractor Supervision

The work plan includes a group of specialists in charge of subcontractor management and construction management.

Acquisition and Shipment of Equipment

We supply special equipment and systems for electrical and mechanical work. We provide engineering consultancy searching for the appropiate for their requirement.

Checkup Starting

We made a stricti control of the specifications of work established at the original plan of construction, verifying of the operations of the systems under our responsability.